About Alertsquad

AlertSquad is an iOS/android app which is activated by a blue tooth key fob. You have the ability to name up to 5 people/organizations (local police, parents, spouse, friends, etc) to notify in case of an emergency. When you’re faced with an emergency, simply press your key fob and an alert is signaled through AlertSquad. Your entire Squad is instantly notified, including your GPS location.

Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of victims by not only decreasing the percentage of sexual assault/violence, but also catching the perpetrators.
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When you’re faced with an emergency simply press your key fob and an alert is signaled through AlertSquad.

Key Features

Bluetooth Key Fob

Sends an emergency alert to the AlertSquad app

150’ Range

Key fob has a 150’ range - that’s half a football field!

Just Double Click

It's as simple as double clicking 0 to alert your Squad

Alert Police

Hold the key fob button down to alert Police and your Squad

Two Versions

Two versions available: Base Version and Pro Version

Pro Version

In Pro Version, also integrates your calendar and meetings for business accounts.
We are an Emergency Alert system for women and young adults.
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