Kevin Quinn, CSO, Co-Founder

Kevin is a partner and founder in AlertSquad. A long-time veteran in hardware, software, sales and development. He is involved in several technology companies and continues to help develop software and App ideas. He has three children, Channing, Laken and Mickenzey. Laken and Mickenzey have made Kevin a grandpa. He is happy to have a solution in AlertSquad that can be there for his kids, when and where they need it most.

AlertSquad is a way for Kevin to give back. He is very proud of what AlertSquad can do, to help out those in emergency situations.

Kevin is a Marine Corps veteran who served with HMX-1, the President’s Helicopter Squadron. He enjoys Red Sox baseball, an amazing Cabernet, great music and being with friends. Most of all, he is proud of his family.

Channing Quinn, Director of Customer Success

Channing is an alumnus of Boise State University and Northern Arizona University having pursued a Medical Doctorate degree. Channing left school, as he felt there was something else he wanted to do with his life.

Making a transition from the bar and restaurant world, Channing is the Director of Customer Success at AlertSquad. The service industry showed Channing his passion for helping others, and ensuring the smoothest possible experience for both those we serve, and those we serve with. These skills gained as a General Manager of a high-volume establishment have pushed Channing to pursue a career with an emphasis in providing a better life for those be he cares most about.

Channing comes from a family composed of primarily women. With 7 aunts, 3 grandmas, 4 sisters and the best mom in the world, Channing is driven to ensure that the greatest possible standard of safety is met for all women around the world, indiscriminately. Channing has yet to make his dad a grandpa, but is determined to make sure the world is in its safest possible state before he does. Family values are what drive him, and it's those same values he promulgates in the AlertSquad family.

Kristen Brown, Partner, Advisor

Kristen is a partner in Alert Squad. She formerly worked in the apparel industry, earning her degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Upon graduating, she worked as a couture dress designer, spending six years designing dresses for celebrities to be worn to gala events such as as the Grammys, Emmys, Oscars and the like. Seeking a more impactful career, Kristen and her husband, Patrick, moved to Eagle, Idaho and opened a CrossFit gym where they help everyday people succeed in their fitness goals while promoting safe movement, health and longevity.

As a result of personal past experiences, Alert Squad hits close to home for Kristen. She has sought an avenue to reach victims of domestic abuse for years and feels blessed to finally have the ability to make a positive impact with Alert Squad. Kristen loves traveling, enjoys sipping a single-malt scotch, exploring the outdoors, and eating - as she is a self-proclaimed foodie. Kristen resides in Eagle Idaho with her husband Patrick, her three sons Declan, Ronan and Jameson and her daughter Frankie.

We are an Emergency Alert system for women and young adults.
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